by Tina Powell, Big Fat Pen Communications

Angela is the sort of person who puts her head down and gets the job done. She runs a ladies-only kickboxing studio and maintains a farm with animals and a big garden.

“I often say that my farm is my full-time job and my business is my part-time job!” she laughs.

On all counts, Angela is a fighter. She was diagnosed with brain cancer three and a half years previous. Thankfully, her treatment was successful. Her check-ups were all good. She returned to her pre-cancer life.

Yet Angela was concerned. She was acting as if her cancer had never happened.

“I felt like I wasn’t managing very well in regards to the follow-up from my diagnosis. I didn’t think about it. I didn’t talk about it,” explains Angela. “On the one hand, it’s good that I had moved on, but I also think it’s good to acknowledge it. I had been through a lot.”

Angela decided it was time to check-in with herself, so she reached out to the social worker at the local hospital in Kamloops. The social worker told Angela about Knight’s Cabin Cancer Retreats.

Angela liked the idea of getting away to a place where there were other cancer survivors. Her only worry was that it was going to be too emotional for her.

“I always try to be positive,” says Angela, “I didn’t want it to be sad.”

She was delighted to discover that it was just the opposite.

“Lisa and the entire Knight’s Cabin crew were lighthearted and fun. It was more about the surviving aspect than the gloom and doom of cancer.”

One of Angela’s favourite moments at the retreat was her one-on-one, goal-setting session with Knight’s Cabin founder Dr. Lisa Bélanger.

“My goal was to do more self-work,” she shares. “We did a yoga session during the retreat and I realized how much I actually loved yoga and how good it made me feel. So that was one of my goals—and I’ve actually started doing yoga!”

Angela also listens to her body and puts herself first. When the work on the farm feels like too much, she’ll take a break and come inside. If her business feels overwhelming, she’ll get someone to cover a shift or treat herself to a night out of town.

The old Angela would have pushed through and kept right on working. In fact, Angela admits that she actually thought she’d have to forego her Knight’s Cabin Retreat because of her business. Thankfully, she came anyway and now has a new perspective:

“At the end of the day, I’m more important than my business.”

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