by Tina Powell, Big Fat Pen Communications

Heather Bester listened intently to the young woman being interviewed on the radio. As a registered dietician and a big fan of prevention over treatment, Heather was inspired as she listened to Dr. Lisa Bélanger talk about Knight’s Cabin—an organization she created to help cancer survivors.

“I should call her,” she thought.

But before Heather had a chance, Lisa actually called her.

“Lisa was looking for a dietician to conduct a nutrition presentation at the next Knight’s Cabin retreat and she asked if I would come and speak to the group,” recalls Heather.

The primary focus of the Canmore dietician’s Knight’s Cabin presentation is to show retreat participants how easy and enjoyable it can be to get ten servings of fruits and vegetables every day. Heather often puts her creativity where the participants’ mouths are with demonstrations and samples of her delicious recipes.

She’ll add spinach to her smoothies, share a batch of her homemade kale chips, and treat everyone to her yummy chocolate pudding made with banana, avocado and cocoa powder.

“One participant thought it tasted so good, he accused me of mixing in some Jell-o pudding!” laughs Heather.

As you can imagine, Heather is a pretty tough critic when it comes to judging the food served at most group functions. When she was asked to stay for dinner at one of the retreats, she wasn’t sure what to expect. More than anything, she hoped a Knight’s Cabin retreat would show people how to all in love with vegetables.

“I loved the food! It was amazing,” gushes Heather. “We had a beautiful pureed soup and a hot salad with chicken kebabs. It was delicious and it was healthy.”

Heather loves being a volunteer at Knight’s Cabin and is proud of the contribution she makes.

“I believe nutrition is so important for healing and in preventing relapses in cancer,” she explains. “Getting more high nutrient foods – the proteins, the vegetables and the fruits – and less of the foods that are lower in nutrients can help keep people out of the hospital.”

Heather also recommends that we all eat as close to the farm as possible, eat local foods, and eat organic whenever we can.

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