Where does the money go?

As of right now, donations are contributing to hosting retreats in Alberta, BC, Ontario, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, and New Brunswick. We will be expanding to other provinces soon!

At the moment, Knight’s Cabin is entirely run by volunteers. This means your donations will go directly to the retreat programming and helping cancer survivors make the best of the rest of their lives. You can choose which province you want your donation to go to!

Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes: With an online donation you will immediately receive a tax receipt via e-mail through Canada Helps. If you are sending a donation through mail (PO Box 8524, Canmore AB, T1W 2V2) you will receive a tax receipt by mail within a month or include your email and it will be sent directly.

Non-Monetary Donations

Books — We are currently collecting books for our Knight’s Cabin Cancer Library in Canmore, Alberta. We appreciate donations of books about cancer, health or that just make you laugh. For more information please contact

Office Supplies — We now have a NEW office which acts as a presence in the community, a place for survivors in the Bow Valley to meet, a library for cancer survivors and their supporters and a place to call home. We do however, have a shoe string budget and really appreciate office supplies!

Volunteers — We LOVE volunteers. As mentioned above, we are all volunteers and more hands make the work load easier to carry and it allows us to raise more money, host more retreats and serve more people. If you are interested in volunteer opportunities with Knight’s Cabin please email