Spotlight on…A Survivor/Volunteer: Tabitha Stokes



Tabitha with her husband Chad at Harbour Yoga, a fundraising event they launched for Knight’s Cabin in Newfoundland. The second installment of Harbour yoga is happening tonight, August 8th, at The Old Argosy’s Wharf In Bareneed at 6pm. 

Meet Tabitha Stokes. Although fairly new to the Knight’s Cabin circle, Tabitha has jumped in with both feet and is doing incredible things for our efforts on the east coast of Canada. Check out her story below.

How did your experience at a Knight’s Cabin retreat affect your journey moving forward as a survivor?

I am a tall cell variant thyroid cancer survivor. Being from a small community in Newfoundland, I looked for a support group where I could connect with others who have been dealt the ‘cancer card’. However, I was unsuccessful with finding one that encompassed all cancers. My sister-in-law told me about a video that Knight’s Cabin had posted on Facebook, and I instantly knew that I had to make a connection. As soon as my husband and I arrived at the retreat in Port Rexton, Newfoundland, we both realized just how much this retreat was not only for me as a survivor, but for my ultimate supporter as well. This retreat helped me in so many aspects of my life…behavior, nutrition, exercise and sleep! Each session encompassed many avenues to healthy living and we were given direction on how to incorporate it into our daily lives.

What did you learn or takeaway from the experience?

Something that will continue to stick with me, was Lisa’s introduction session.  I realized that as a mom, wife, and now survivor, I had to make sure that my oxygen mask was on first. This retreat encompassed lot of valuable information to living a healthy and fulfilling life. But I will always remember the friendships and connections that I made that weekend. We were all there because of one word… cancer! We all had our own stories. We all had our own struggles. Though we each had different forms of cancer, we all shared in each other’s pain and hurt, but also in our small victories and accomplishments. We laughed. We listened. We cried. We hiked. We encouraged! I will never forget those who were a part of that weekend with me.

You continue to support Knight’s Cabin as a volunteer as well. Tell us a bit about why you continue to be involved. 

When I initially saw that video, explaining the vision behind Knight’s Cabin, I felt instantly connected. A feeling that I was looking for after being diagnosed, but was unsuccessful in finding. Then once I did more research into the program, and later attending the retreat, I knew how much I needed this group. Throughout that weekend, both my husband and I felt so drawn to the vision that Lisa had. I knew how much we were taking away from the weekend, and I knew of so many others that needed this group just as much as I did. I want to continue to raise awareness of Knight’s Cabin here in Newfoundland, and help to connect others with this absolutely amazing… supportive… life-altering group.

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