Spotlight on…A Volunteer/Donor: Tina Powell

Tina Powell Linda Munro Bench

Knight’s Cabin Volunteer Writer Tina Powell takes an inspiration break at the Linda Munro Memorial Bench in Oakville, ON.


For July, we’re shining our light on Tina Powell. Tina is an incredible donor and volunteer for Knight’s Cabin. Read about her journey with Knight’s Cabin in her own words:

Why did you become involved with Knight’s Cabin? Why are you passionate about what we do?

“We all have that person. It could be a dear friend, a beloved family member or a cherished co-worker. My person is my friend Linda Munro. She was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of breast cancer in early January of 2015. The news of her diagnosis hit me hard. I immediately became one of her ‘supporters.’

Around the same time period, just by chance, Knight’s Cabin founder Lisa Belanger reached out to me. She was looking to hire a writer who could capture the stories of the people who make Knight’s Cabin the healing and empowering organization it is – the inspiring cancer survivors, their dedicated supporters, and the wonderful volunteers. As the saying goes, she had me at hello, but there was one problem. There was no way in the world I could charge Knight’s Cabin for my writing services. To use my skills as a professional writer to celebrate, support and encourage cancer survivors was something I just had to do as a volunteer. (Plus, Lisa’s enthusiasm, commitment and generosity of spirit create a magnetic force that is difficult to resist. Yes, I do believe she is a super hero!)

I also had a special dream. I hoped that one day, when my friend was well enough, I could accompany Linda to a Knight’s Cabin retreat. Unfortunately that day will not come, but Linda’s strength, love and passion for life do live on and drive me to spread the word about Knight’s Cabin.

We all have that person.  I now write for yours.” – Tina Powell

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