Spotlight on….A Supporter: Sheila McGovern


Each month here on the blog we’ll be featuring a friend of Knight’s Cabin.

Kicking it off in June, we’re excited to introduce you to Sheila McGovern. Sheila attended our retreat at Mount Engadine in Spray Lakes, AB in the fall of 2014 as her husband’s supporter.

What was your favourite experience or takeaway from your Knight’s Cabin retreat? 

“As one can well imagine a cancer diagnosis can turn a persons world upside down. My husband went in for an emergency appendectomy and  came out with a colon cancer diagnosis. He received the most advanced treatment by extraordinary health professionals. Today six years later my husband is cancer free and we are so grateful for the care he received. Enter Lisa Belanger and Knight’s Cabin. The total health philosophy of Knight’s Cabin truly addresses the big picture and the reality that the whole family is affected by a cancer diagnosis. Having the opportunity to share how the experience had affected us as a couple was life changing. Each session provided valuable and practical tools for working toward a life time of good health habits. The environment was so supportive and accepted both the survivor and support person at their own level. In sharing with others it was not about a disease rather the experience and how it affected your life. In addition to becoming more aware of healthy life choices I have lost 12 pounds. Our weekend retreat with Knight’s Cabin was one we will always cherish. My hope is that Lisa, Lou and their team continue to change the quality of life for survivors and there supporters one healthy choice at a time!”  – Sheila McGovern


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