Mom’s Thumbprint Cookies (made healthy)

Here at the Knight’s Cabin office in Canmore, AB, we’re in the holiday spirit. Just last night we received a fresh dump of snow (too many centimetres to count) and the town is under a beautiful white blanket.

In the spirit of the season, we decided to do some holiday baking to accompany our office cheer (see: Christmas music and writing holiday cards).

One of my favourite recipes as a kid were my mom’s thumbprint cookies. As I scrolled through some healthy baking options I couldn’t get them out of my mind. They were calling my name. Unfortunately the traditional recipe is full of butter. While delicious – I hoped I could find another, healthier option.

I popped open google and typed in “thumbprint cookies, coconut oil”. Months ago I had seen a friend of mine take a regular cookie recipe and simply substitute coconut oil in place of the butter – I was sure I could do the same with these cookies.

I found an awesome recipe that used coconut oil instead of butter, and also had the benefit of raw almonds.

Here is the result! Find the recipe I used here.


Eating healthy doesn’t always mean missing out on your favourite foods – sometimes it just means getting creative and doing a bit of research. There are so many amazing healthy food blogs out there (which mean I don’t have to do the recipe experiments – someone does them for me!). I landed on keepinitkind which features vegan and healthy recipes, but there are so many more to check out.

Happy baking!



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